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#141 Rob A.

Rob A.
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Posted 18 October 2018 - 01:47 PM

Let’s talk I’m I pressed with how y’all playing at this point and replacement of the transfer QB worked out well for y’all

good kids trusting each other, next man up mentality

#142 Genius Movement

Genius Movement
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Posted 18 October 2018 - 02:02 PM

SFA is ranked #2 by maxpreps and #7 by USA TODAY. It's a lot of ppl that aren't listening to the haters.

#143 11ROVER

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Posted 18 October 2018 - 02:29 PM

Yup once the info is posted we move on to everyone being haters or racist.   

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#144 BCFan

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Posted 18 October 2018 - 03:07 PM

SFA is ranked #2 by maxpreps and #7 by USA TODAY. It's a lot of ppl that aren't listening to the haters.

Nobody has ever questioned the quality of football SFA plays. It’s how they got there. Also, not bursting bubbles but they are ranked 24th in other national polls. I believe they are that good when they play and beat some top teams. Until then, rankings are just opinions and influenced by politics like most things.

#145 GreyhoundAlum

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Posted 18 October 2018 - 04:34 PM

Well I guess some can't let things go
Cardinal & Gold Football Foundation
PO Box 1564, Hunt Valley, MD 21030
Rule 1 – Only birth certificates required if “foreign based student” Our understanding is that no one questions the age of transfer students if they are American born. Whatever the student puts on his entry papers to the school is used as age status and no one from the MIAA ever questions ages. While the rule says “ may not participate in the MIAA until an Eligibility Verification Form is submitted to the league office and approval is granted” how can the league counter any form submitted by the school for a student as incorrect since the data used from the school would certainly have been screened to pass. Approving verification forms becomes just a matter of pro forma.
Rule 2 – Age restrictions – can’t be 19 before August 31st—no way to know on American born students (99.9%) unless the league actually directly checks certified birth certificates rather than a transcribed document used by the school. New St. Frances transfer Jeffrey M’Ba already is here from France and states his age currently as 18. The football season doesn’t even start for another 5 months. There is a high probability that he will be 19 soon and hopefully the MIAA will physically check the passport or birth certificate rather than just accept what the school submits. Photocopies of such documents should be inadmissible.
Rule 3 Limits of Participation A student may not represent any school… more than 4 years.
Randy Fields # 2 for St Frances played 5 years. St Frances games for 2017 should be forfeits. He played in 2013, 2014 & 2015 for Red Lion Christian Academy. Go to Max Preps. Locate roster for 2017 (a small link). Once in 2017 go to the bottom there and choose All Time Rosters and Randy Fields played varsity high football for Red Lion as an 8th grader, 9th, 10th grader and then transfers to St Frances for 2016 & 2017. The rule does not exclude what years a player was in academically but says may not represent “any school” more than 4 years. (Rosters can be provided)
Rule 3 also says “A student may not represent more than one school during any academic year”
Yet either/both Mervo students Cole Peterkin & Terri Jones have been practicing in the 2018 offseason with St Frances while currently enrolled at Mervo. (Source Pat Nixon, Mervo coach) Isn’t practicing with another school team representing them? Working out with that team in their facility under their coaches’ supervision and still being registered elsewhere is a violation of the participation rule. If that player is involved in some mishap while illegally practicing for that team, there are legal ramifications of the host school for wanton neglect of their responsibilities. If nothing else, insurance violations have occurred.
Cardinal & Gold Football Foundation
PO Box 1564, Hunt Valley, MD 21030
Rule 4 Amateur status – receive no gifts, inducements, merchandise Many of these transfer students are getting such while still registered at other schools. Westminster High has raised a formal protest. See the attachments of text message exchanges between an SFA coach and players at Mervo & Westminster High. Promises of scholarships, national TV exposure, get you to the NFL, $$$ icons on the text. The other student states he got a scholarship offer right away and includes that he was contacted first by St Frances. These student recruits return to their home school wearing Under Armour merchandise with St Frances logos on them.
The rule states “items of intrinsic value are considered as gifts…would need to be refused.”
Rule 5 recruitment – no school or its representative (coaches) shall directly or indirectly offer inducement…to terminate enrollment at said school.The text messages verify these kids are being induced to terminate their enrollment at their present schools even after they have played two or three years at that high school. It only takes ONE such verified violation to show evidence that there is a high probability that all of these other transfers have been given the same promise, the same merchandise, the same spiel about the great opportunity.
Rule 5 also says “coaches and other members of a school athletic department are prohibited from contacting or communicating with a student…until such time as an inquiry regarding the student’s possible admission is initiated by the student’s parent/guardian.”
The same text messages sent to Coaches Pat Nixon at Mervo and Matthew Study at Westminster are evidence of St Frances initiating contact.
Rule 6 Transfer Students Line 4 reads “Additionally, that student, if he/she was a varsity athlete at their previous school, is ineligible for participation in that (those) sport(s) for one calendar year from the date of enrollment.
All of these transfers coming in over the summers are not able to play for one year coming in as an upper school transfer. Since students are still enrolled at their original school until at least the first week of June, they can’t be actually transferred until then and must sit out the next season. The 30 Day Rule clause Rule 6 applies to those coming in after September 1st. But Jalon Jones was still listed on the 2017 Henrico High school football roster when the season started. Go to Max Preps. Find Virginia, Henrico High school, 2017 roster. He appears also on the 2017 St Frances roster. So, when did he really come to SFA?
The only exception to this transfer policy if “a student were to change their primary residence…a move of more than 30 miles.” (page 29 bottom) IT DOES NOT INCLUDE A TEMPORARY RESIDENCE ESTABLISHED FOR THE PURPOSE OF ATHLETIC ELIGIBILITY. These transfer students are primarily being housed in temporary residences
Cardinal & Gold Football Foundation
PO Box 1564, Hunt Valley, MD 21030
in the proximity of St Frances school. These are NOT permanent residences as their families never relocated to Baltimore. An address check for Kwincy Hall still shows him living at 2516 31st Pl NE Washington DC 20018 and not here as a primary residence. Jalon Jones is listed in Henrico VA and Joachim Bangda in Washington DC. Thus, the attachment enclosed shows evidence that at least 25 players are housed in Baltimore as TEMPORARY Residents. They, therefore, are NOT excluded from the transfer policy and cannot play for one year; yet all of them play right away, some within the first week of arriving at the campus.
Rule 11 Mandatory Rosters
The rule states rosters must be submitted showing ‘transfer student’ status and date of birth. It does NOT qualify date of birth, merely shows on the roster. This needs to be changed.
Necessary Action
The MIAA League needs to demonstrate that flagrant abuses of the rules such as leading players on with promises, gifts and making the NFL are unethical and damaging to the integrity of all teams of the MIAA, not just the “A” Conference foes.
The MIAA Guideline Action by Member School: “…or team engaged in flagrant misconduct and/or conduct which violates one or more provisions…may impose appropriate discipline….” (page 32)
“The Executive Director…is given the authority to assess a fine and/or forfeiture for any violation of league rules.”
(page 32, item 17)
One of the main problems is that SFA is raiding all the top local talent in addition to their national and now international recruiting. Going to the players directly and contacting them to come in for potential meetings to play for SFA, picking them up for off season practices, giving gifts, promises of national exposure, $$$ icons & text message exchanges. All of these kids have been for the last two years already registered at other high schools and due to return to those high schools to play for the school they had been playing for. If I were a head coach and found out that another team’s coach had been secretly communicating and luring my players away while they were still in my school and had been playing for me, I would treat this as a home invasion in the middle of the night while I slept. If I awaken and know you are in my home, there are going to be dire consequences for you. Please treat this activity by St. Frances as your home invasion in the making.

The transfer rule is ONLY for MIAA to MIAA kids. A kid can live anywhere he want, if he come from OOS or the WCAC. Even the public school league. Just correcting that part of your post.

#146 TheGuru

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Posted 19 October 2018 - 12:05 AM

Right back at you Cardinal Gold Club member

Was never a member and never donated. I attended meetings during my son’s 8th, 9th and 10th grade years. I helped raise money by selling tables at crabfeasts. That’s it. Didn’t have much in common with 60+ yr old retired white guys, moneywise. My son’s tuition was my priority.
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