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Posted 10 August 2017 - 04:32 PM

As of 5PM on August 10th, the board has 659,470 total posts.

8/10 is the 222nd day of the year. 

By current pace, we will end 2017 at approximately 700,000 total posts +/-.


Can we increase the pace, and finish the year at +/- 750,000 total posts?


Three things would help us hit that goal:


1) New active posters.

2) Existing registered posters who are inactive, becoming active.
3) More posts from our registered and active posters.

Since August 1st, 61 of our posters have been active.
Since July 1st, 76 of our posters have been active.
Since January 1st, 126 of our posters have been active.


Hopefully this won't feel like 'work' for you regulars. If it does, then that defeats my intent.


But if those who are active already (those who are carrying the discussions here already) can add a few more posts per day (including links to articles elsewhere); that will have a tangible positive impact, and be appreciated.

Posting Leaders as of 8/10:


2) BSLRobShields 62,579

3) Ricker Says 39,007

4) bnickle 32,716

5) Mackus 31,456

6) Oriole85 26,321

7) Pedro Cerrano 24,832

8) fishteacher 23,366
9) BSLMichaelWeber 22,716

10) DJ MC 20,948

11) BSLChrisBacon 19,872

12) RShack 18,329
13) BSLMikeRandall 13,640

14) Markus 13,327
15) BSLSeanJester 12,975

16) SammyBirdland 12,019
17) BaltBird24 11,897
18) BSLSethBondroff 11,853

19) BSLMikeLowe 10,902

20) JeremyStrain 9,837

21) Mike B  8,818
22) Don Quixote 8,574
23) Russ 8,376
24) McNulty 6,162
25) Icterus galbula 5,971
26) BSLBobPhelan 5,970
27) Dupin 5,571
28) BSLGabeFerguson 5,711
29) Adam Wolff 5,260
30) jkough1 4,912
31) JeffLong 4,826
32) Duffman 4,527
33) Coker 4,409
34) Matt P 4,406
35) dude 4,129
36) CA-Oriole 4,010
37) Cisc-O's 3,566
38) BSLSteveBirrer 3,121
39) BSLZackKiesel 2,868
40) Matt 2,571








A couple of thoughts here...


- Don't want people adding posts to the point it feels like work.

- However, if you are thinking something... but maybe you typically wouldn't be inclined to add those thoughts... I'm encouraging you to do so.
- I'm also hoping those who don't normally check out other sections of the board, will look around a bit more.

- The more we hear from those currently 41-100 etc... the better off we will be. The diversity of thoughts is better. The discussions improve, etc.



Ultimately, this is all about kicking the can down the road until investment can be obtained.  We've plateaued on what we can do as is.

At the end of June we received a substantial funding offer which I had to turn down due to the suggested structure.

Did renew the confidence that we're on the right path though. 

Our Management Team is:

Joseph Cuddy (President): Cuddy is VP, Business Banking Manager for CapitalOne.
Pete Oliveri (Director of Sales): Oliveri is Digital Client Services Sales Manager for Compulse Integrated Marketing. Previously Director of Digital Advertising for the Baltimore Sun.
Chris Janush (Director of Marketing): Marketing & Biz Dev Executive for Arsenal Marketing & Business Development. Previously Director of Marketing for The Greene Turtle.
Matt Bregel (Director of Social & Digital Media): Senior Director of Digital Media for CloudControlMedia. Previously Director of Digital Media for Siquis LTD.
Megan McCormack (Director of Business Development): Owner of Harp & Spice. Previously Digital Sales Manager for The Baltimore Sun.
Lindsay Sappington (Director of Public Relations & Communications): Owner of Sappington PR. Previously PR Sr. Mgr. for Planit.


Our Advisory Board is:

Bob Blonchek - Chief Product Officer, Digital Health Innovations

Dave Harbeitner - CFP, Pinnacle Wealth Planning Services
Josh Itzoe - Partner & Managing Director, Greenspring Wealth Management
Stuart Ritter - Senior Resident, PNC
Andy Thompson - Director, Personal Financial Planning, SC&H Group
Keith Weldon - Vice President of Business Ventures, Chesapeake Bayhawks



Multiple banks at this point have informed they will approve our plan if we obtain a Guarantor. So, that's where our focus is at this point.

Will happen. Don't know when.

When it does, will finally get to invest back into the site as needed....  and the site will substantially change (primarily through increased awareness).

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