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Posted by Mackus on 05 July 2015 - 11:46 AM

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Posted by BSLBobPhelan on 08 July 2015 - 08:23 AM

All is well! Brady Nolan Phelan is 7 pounds, 6 ounces healthy and happy!
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#399267 BSL: Fatherhood and Baseball..America's Two Pastimes

Posted by BSLRobShields on 11 January 2015 - 11:20 AM

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#351857 The Warehouse's twin building...

Posted by RShack on 05 September 2014 - 12:51 AM

Hello, campers... how's it hangin'?


I watched the Reds' feed of the 2nd game, just to see what their announcers are like... they're actually pretty good... 

Among other things, I learned that the the B&O built not just one but *two* huge warehouse buildings... which means the OPACY Warehouse has a twin... in Cincinnati... which was the other end of the B&O line...  
If you need a big effing warehouse at one end, I guess it's not surprising that you might need one just like it at the other end too.   And it's still there:
One design built in two places... same brickwork details and everything... and the Cincinnati one is even longer: 1277' vs 1116'... which I guess is one reason why they always say the OPACY Warehouse is the longest building "on the East Coast"... 
Who knew?  Not me...  
With all the attention OPACY received, you'd think somebody would've mentioned it before now...

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Posted by BSLMichaelWeber on 25 June 2017 - 07:17 AM

Getting married today!
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#514517 Give Our Best To Mike...

Posted by BSLMikeRandall on 24 December 2015 - 02:22 PM

Thank you all so much for your kindness during this rough time. I don't even know where to start when describing my dad. He built his house with his bare hands back in 1980. A log cabin out in Carroll County where he grew up. He was adored by so many people had so many friends, was always the life of the party. Unfortunately, being the life of the party is what ultimately led to all of his friends out living him. The last five or six years life seemed to unravel around him. He got sober about 18 months ago, but the damage was already done. It's been painful on him, all of the side effects of slow liver failure. He's the life of biggest party of them all now. 


Witty, quick with a joke, an old fashioned manly man. He made things, works on his own vehicle, planted a garden big enough that we rarely had to buy vegetables. Hunted and fished, and kept the freezer stocked with deer most winters and fish most summers. Built fires in the fireplace and rarely ran the heaters. An old school kind of guy. 


He was a big Orioles, Colts, Terps, now Ravens fan, and his dad had always gotten them season tickets to the O's and Colts when he was a kid. He could tell stories for days. His fandom wained in the 90's and 2000s because "it wasn't the same without Earl". But it came back the last few years because Buck "reminds him of Earl". Same with the Terps. He watches, but "it's not the same without Gary throwing a fit out there." Like I said, old school kind of guy. 


I could thank him for so many things, but one that stands out is my competitive spirit that I get from him. When I was a kid, he didn't make life easy on me. He didn't handle me with kid gloves. Whether we were playing checkers when I was a little guy, playing HORSE in the driveway on the regulation height basket, or when he robbed me of a home run in a father/son baseball game when I was 16, he never let me win. I needed to "practice, get better" if I wanted to win. I couldn't play HORSE with him with the basket lowered to 7 feet at 10 years old. How would I ever get better if i make the game easier? 


The way he raised my brother and I gave us very thick skin which you need to make it through life's toughest tests. I wouldn't be half the man I am without his guidance. 


Make sure you all have a Merry Christmas, and tell your parents you love them.

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#227260 Thank-you!

Posted by BSLChrisStoner on 19 November 2013 - 09:00 PM

Tonight, Baltimore Sports and Life, LLC claimed our 5th win in Mobbies History, defending our crown as Baltimore's best Pro Sports Blog.

I'd like to thank our contributors for the great work they've done this year... this award is for them. Also, my sincere thanks to all of our posters for helping to drive us to this win, and the support you've provided.

I look forward to taking the next step as a site this year... as we work to become recognized as a legitimate peer to Baltimore's existing sports media leaders...

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Posted by BSLRobShields on 30 August 2016 - 10:45 PM

Been a trying few weeks for my wife and I.  She's pregnant and we found out a few weeks back that the baby had a 1 in 166 chance of having Downs Syndrome.  Now, that's less than 1% but 1 in 166 aren't great odds IMO.

The good news was that the levels weren't too far off.  We had found out that we were having twins but then one of the twins didn't make it.  The doctor felt that there was still some evidence of the deceased baby and that could be throwing off the levels, so they had us do another blood test.

After almost 2 weeks, we got the results today and everything came back normal.  and while you can never rule something out, it's incredibly unlikely at this point.

And because we took this test, we found out the sex of the baby and we are having another boy.

Just so relieved about the health news that the sex of the baby hasn't sunk it that much yet.
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Posted by BSLRobShields on 02 July 2014 - 09:53 PM

Going to be a dad...pretty damn excited about that.
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#268879 Thankful

Posted by Moose Milligan on 09 March 2014 - 03:38 PM

A few more weeks until Opening Day but as I've been reading posts on here about how our team is looking and who is battling it out for the #5 rotation spot and in the bullpen...I realized how thankful I am that we're past the days of holding out hope for guys like Daniel CaBBrera and wondering if we can squeeze a good year out of Russ Ortiz or Steve Trachsel...wondering if Aubrey Huff will have a good year at 1B/DH....Knott and House, the all time spring training heroes (SG, I'm looking at you)...Castro/Fahey/Bynum battling it out for a middle infield spot...Radhames Liz....Garrett Olson...guys that we had hope for but deep down we knew that they wouldn't pan out to anything.  Brian Burres.  


Things are so much better now.  It's nice to finally have a spring training where there's some good talent battling it out for the final few roster spots with more talent in the minors that can step up.  As it stands now, we'd have Bud Norris #5 and we're looking at signing Ervin Santana with Gausman waiting in the wings.  


Feels nice to have a positive feeling in spring training for once instead of looking at guys who are lining up for the slaughter.  


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#243619 Introductions

Posted by Il BuonO on 29 December 2013 - 02:27 PM

Hey everyone. Most of you probably know me from the OH as socalbirdfan. Strong likelihood that I may be moving in the near future so I thought I would go with the board suggestion as my name for a board handle.


I have been an ardent supporter of the Orioles since 1970 when I watched them win the series. My love for the team is probably quite a bit different than most. I've never actually been to Baltimore which may end this year. My brother and I have been talking about going to take in a series at OPACY for a few years now and it may finally happen.


Anyway, my Dad was born in Rochester, New York and moved to California when he was in HS. Naturally he continued following the players from his home town team all the way up to the time when me and my brothers were born. I've never been a Dodgers fan until very recently and even that has been on the periphery. Being an Orioles fan in California has been an interesting experience to say the least with yearly trips to Anaheim to see them play the Angels and now indoctrinating my daughters as fans. It's all been worth it to see them finally turn it around as of late.


I was an All City High School player and played against the likes of Brett Saberhagen and former Marlins GM Larry Beinfest, who was a very good SS. Later, I went on to play three years of college ball and garnered All Conference honors in the OF. I had a chance to sign with Tigers after my junior year for a roster spot(they had given all their bonus money to D1 guys and I was D2) but I had family considerations. After college I went on to do some scouting and coaching as recently as last year.


I hope to contribute and join in the discussions here on a regular basis.



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Posted by The Epic on 02 May 2017 - 07:38 AM

I just leveled way up in my career, applying for a job that I thought I wouldn't be able to get.


A lot is about to change for me, and I couldn't be happier.

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#525561 Introductions

Posted by ReggieYinger on 01 February 2016 - 09:15 AM

Hello all,
For the past five seasons, I was employed by the Baltimore Orioles. While my official title was listed as a "Player Development Coordinator", I experienced a wide variety of job responsibilities. However, one thing that remained the same was the fact that I watched a lot of baseball and scouted a ton of players with the Baltimore organization. Working in baseball is a lot of fun, but also a lot of time. This means long days, little pay and sometimes frustration. During my time, I learned a lot not only about what to look for with players, but also about baseball development. There is a lot of action that happens behind the scenes that fans don't see - this plays an important role in how the organization defines itself.

Thanks to Chris, I'll be here on BSL giving you an insight into the world of minor league prospects and the Orioles. I'm not from the "old-school"  in regards to scouting and believe that there is more to scouting than just watching a player.

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Posted by BSLMichaelWeber on 27 November 2015 - 04:47 PM

Kelly and I got engaged!!!
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#405196 ANTI-RANTS

Posted by DuffMan on 27 January 2015 - 04:45 PM

Duff Boy came into the world bright and early today at 5:15 a.m.!  Brooks Steven is doing great and so is Mom!  His two big sisters are excited too!

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#639675 Sweet Course Baking Company

Posted by BSLMikeRandall on 13 February 2017 - 01:09 AM

Starting over...Starting a business...Our story




I've not been as active here as I like to be lately. The main reason for that is spending most of my days preparing to launch a new business. 


My wife and I are taking the biggest step of our lives, about to leave our old careers behind and start out fresh. Managing a bakery has worn her out. She doesn't bake anymore. She makes schedules and listens to complaints and deals with employees no call/no showing at the busiest times. She wants to bake again and our new venture is her opportunity to put her culinary education, and passion, to good use.


For me, I get to put my community college business classes to use handling the books and sales. I've reached this point because the fire department is I would say, 95% not going to be taking me back, ever. It's a long story, but in December of 2015 I was sitting at home and had a seizure. I had had two of them about nine years prior, and was given a clean bill of health after staying seizure free for a year. This was three years before joining the department. Fast forward nine years, had another seizure. Saw a doctor. The fire department isn't too kind about their fireman having seizures, sees me as a liability, put my off work until my sick time ran out, plus my 60-day terminal leave that all "retirees" get.


Bottom line, by law, they can't do that. Also by the understanding in writing our union has with the city, they can't do that, based on other standards I met and hoops I jumped though. My union though is zero help. The Union President was too busy running for whatever office he lost, then taking our union dues out to Vegas for their annual "conference". I've filed EEOC charges about 6 months ago. I'll likely hear something back in 2018. Not kidding. It takes forever if the city doesn't settle right away, which they didn't. 


I keep a log of every thing that has happened in this mess and it's well over 30 pages. Single spaced, 12 pt. font. Like I said. Long story. I'd go to the media with it because some parts are so outrageous it's beyond belief. But my attorney advised me not to. 


Compared to all that...making schedules, handling complaints (hopefully not too many), pounding the pavement everyday to sell her tasty treats...That's a cake walk for me. She gets to bake, I get to put my little bit of schooling to work, we both get to be our own boss, It's all very exciting! 


We officially launch in the morning!


Sweet Course Baking Company


We won't have a storefront for people to visit, but we operate out of B-More Kitchen. A shared commercial kitchen space that opened last year that many catering and baking companies use. Many use it to make their product to sell at farmers markets around the area. 


Our goal is to provide baked goods to local cafes and restaurants who don't have the space, equipment, labor cost available, to have quality, scratch made baked goods or dessert options on their menu.


We also wish to provide delivery of baked goods to local businesses, event planners, anyone really who needs wholesale supply of homemade treats, cakes, pies. Perfect for conferences, client meetings, staff and client appreciation, large parties of any kind. 


If you're in the market for this kind of thing, drop me a line through the website, or call the number on the site, and I'll hook up all my BSL'ers up with a friends and family deal. 



Mike Randall - Seaman. Bartender, ComedianFirefighter. Bartender. Truck Driver. Blogger and Trying Salesman. 


P.S. I'm open to any advice anyone in sales might have for a beginner. It's tough since we won't have a storefront for people to walk into. Lot's of cold calling and going door door into cafes and eateries. 

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#424225 Big Day for Me

Posted by Mashed Potatoes on 01 April 2015 - 09:04 PM

11052016_10204075450346221_484679800897218004_n.jpg Pardon the shameless self promotion, but I'm super proud of two things that happened today.


1. Got an Op-Ed published in the City Paper, http://www.citypaper...0,3488158.story


2. Said peace out to rent and then heeeyyyyyyy to mortgage payments! 

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#373266 Adam Jones says 2014 was "f***ing awesome"

Posted by Dr. FLK on 16 October 2014 - 09:36 AM

It was an awesome season.  They won the AL East.  They overcame what should have been crippling injuries.  They swept the Tigers in the ALDS despite facing multiple Cy Young winners.  They made it to the ALCS, were competitive in every game, but came up short against a team that is absolutely on fire.  Tremendous season with a disappointing final 4 games.

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#367524 Orioles' ALDS MVP

Posted by Dr. FLK on 06 October 2014 - 06:38 AM


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#307880 Pick Your $10 BSL Team!

Posted by Pedro Cerrano on 29 May 2014 - 04:05 PM

Know it Alls:
SG:  $3
MWeb:  $2
DJMC:  $1

Bastians of Information:
Jeremy Strain:  $3
Mike Randall:  $2
Patrick Dougherty:  $1

Comic Relief:
Sammy Birdland:  $3
McNulty:  $2
Pedro:  $1

Chris Stoner:  $3
Oriole85:  $2
BNickle:  $1

Wild Card:
Ricker:  $3
Icterus Galbula: $2
Mackus (or Markus, if you really want him):  $1
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